Xander Nano
Alias Lieutenant Nano
Allegiance The Order

Xander Nano is a reccuring NPC in Devil May Cry . He is an Airship Captain for The Order in the fight against Demon Tyranny. He is also the older brother of his long lost sibling; Haren Nano.


Xander was born and raised in Northern America (Canada), he lived an average enough life but while Xander was only ten years old his entire family was attacked by Demon Extremests from Russia. Xander believed that every single of member of his family had been killed except his brother who he had to leave in the care of his father's best friend, although Haren is oblivious to this and believes Xander is dead.

With the help of his father mate, Xander was adopted into the order where they trained him both religiously and physically in order to combat demon tyranny. Nine years later, Xander became the a Ensign of the famous Airship "The Arcangel". Ever since then he has improved into a Lieutenant and a master pilot.