The Order
The Order

The OrderEdit

The Order watches over the Human Realm with the guidance of the angels to maintain as much order as needed. They watch over the birth and death of each individual who has chosen the path of a demon and registers them in the NDR (National Demonic Registry) and records their growth in order to maintain their strength. They have the strength and moral authorization to murder a demon who has stepped out of its boundaries and to recruit those who have chosen a better path.


  • Once a Human has been born with the potential to become a Demon or Join the Order, they are registered in the basic registry and further watched until they have chosen a path. You will turn in your character in the tab above, and it will be overviewed for registry.
  • After choosing a path, The Order will track the every move of that human in order to assosiate their class and abilities. After successfully registering, you will earn a tracker on your character's infobox that will record your class, level, exp and cash intake.

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