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Registry ProcessEdit

  • Everyone can begin registration by creating their character and choosing their any starting class.
    • After choosing a class you may choose a homeland where you can shop for your first appropriate customized weapon.


  • Anyone's journey is their own, it is a freeroam realm where you fight for or against the Demons and or The Order itself. You will be accompanied by a narrator that will keep you within fair boundaries of the role play.
    • Depending on your preformance on the end of your own quest in a certain time frame; you earn EXP and Cash which are used to level up both your character and upgrade your weapon. Your actions on your quest will also effect your Kharma which decides whether you will be considered Angel or Demon.

Role Playing EngineEdit

  • Characters are moderated by an "Narrator" that will act as your enviroment including NPC's, Weather, Enemies and other things that may impact your current quest.
    • ​You battle by narrating your character (EX: *Shoots Demon*)
  • During the course of your story it will be monited and recorded on your character page and categorized based on Arcs. Arcs are story events that take place during a certain Saga. Sagas are pre-released and set up by the The Order. The story builds on itself as the arc does based on the events that occur during the quests of that arc building up a story.