Epithet The Non-Human Exterminer
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Personal Status
Metar is a reccuring character in Devil May Cry . He is a Non-Human Hunter, from France who has grudges against both Angels and Demons.


Metar comes from a glorious city in France, who got invaded by demons. A demon killed his mother. Thus, Metar hates demons. Then, he left precipitaly the city to escape the demons, and when he came back two days later, he discovered the city was burned to ashes, with demons and humans bodies everywhere. Later, he heard that it was the Angels who ordered the destruction of his own city and family, to put a stop to demon invasion. Metar hated Angels from that day also. He discovered his powers when he saw his family's dead bodies. But, when he realised he couldn't control them by himself, he enquired to buy some amulets who help him canalise his magic.

Physical Description Edit

Metar is a 20 year-old adult with early pure white hair and purple eyes. He wears very dressy clothing including a purple tinted dresshirt under a trademark violet jacket that he only wears by hooking it the chain across the collar on his neck. He sports a skull buckled belt that tighten his straight cut pants that tuck into his calf high boots. The boots are both white tinted purple and violet like the drape he wraps around his waste covering his left.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

He's pretty associal, despite the fact that he believes Demon menace must be eradicated, but that Angels also must leave humans alone. He thinks that they should each go back into their respective dimensions and leave the humans live their life. When he encounters someone, demon or angel, he attacks it. He doesn't attack hybrids, thinking their are just victims of the demon-angel invasion.

Amulets and AbilitiesEdit

Metar has mostly element-based powers, represented each by an amulet. He's pretty fast, but not very strong physically. In order to eradicate Demon and Angel menace, he studied everything the humans know about them. He's pretty resistant, fruit of his body training to resist to damage (he resist better to magic damage than physical damage).

  • Gaiara: Gaiara is an amulet permitting to Metar to send rocks on his opponent (spell name: Earth Bullets) and to set up a protective earth rampart(spell name: Earth Fortress).
  • Helliara: Helliara is an amulet permitting to Metar to unleash the hell flames on the opponent(spell name: Hell Combustion), who never end burning, apart when the spellcaster wants it or becomes too weak and to envirron himself with a protective cocoon of dark light(spell name: Hell Donjon).


Level Ability Type Target AP Cost CB Bases Optima Damage/Effect
1 Earth Bullets Magic Multiple Default Single Sponsor 10-12
1 Earth Fortress Magic Multiple Default Two Sponsor 12-15
1 Hell Combustion Magic Multiple Default Four Sponsor 15-17
1 Hell Donjon Magic Single Default Two Sponsor 13-14


Growth Stats
1 100 8 10 20 60 17 0 0
Combat Stats - Sponsor
Command Level Command Style Command Bases Action Points Weapon Level ATK DEF MYS
1 Wand 4 0 1 N/A N/A N/A

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