Leveling is a system used to improve a characters statistics through experience points. The Level of a Character can also determine what kind of items they can recieve, such as weapons and accessories. Another type of Leveling is Command Level that allow a character to obtain more actions and customize things such as their CB Gauge and existing actions through action points.


  • Levels 1-10: Level up every 500 EXP
  • Levels 11-20: Level up every 1000 EXP
  • Levels 21-30: Level up every 1500 EXP
  • Levels 31-40 Level up every 2000 EXP

Command LevelEdit

  • Level 1-5: Allows a Gauge of 4 Bases. A Command Style of 3 Offensive Actions and One Defensive Actions for a Primary Commando. A Command Style of 2 Defensive Action and 2 Offensive Actions for a Primary Scout. A Command Style of 1 Offensive Action and 3 Defensive Actions for a Primary Sponsor and Medic.

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