Jérôme Bazíl
Gender Male
Allegiance Angelic
Occupation First Mate of the Escalados

Jérôme Bazíl is a reccuring NPC in Devil My Cry. He is the first mate Escalados Airship, captained by Zone.


Physical Description and PersonalityEdit

Jerome Chibi

As a french native, Jérôme is a ladies man and is commonly described by women as very handsome but a pig none the less. He is a tall, slim built muscualar man who enjoys wearing jewlry to show off wealth he barley has. He has steel earings hanging from his ears and several rings and bracelets on his left hand. He has lightly tanned skin short light brown hair with harp sideburns with no beard, and small dark eyes and thin eyebrows.

Jérôme wears a white longsleeved dress shirt underneath bronzeplated armor on his torso, showing off his "class" but also displaying his willingness to protect himself as a Sky pirate. Also wearing dark kevlar pants that stop short above his exposed ankle where he wears shin pads and iron shoes.

Jérôme is commonly known as a sociable young man with a likeable attitude and great sense of humor. He takes well to women far faster then men and hits on nearly every girl he see's, while he insults the intelligence of most males. Despite is obvious distate for other males, Jérôme has a mutual respect for his male crewmates, especially his captain.

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