Human-Demon Hybrid

A Human and Demon Hybrid normally known as simply a "Hybrid" is a genetic mix of both Human and Demon speicies. Because some Demons can overcome their demonic heritage or path, they can learn to love and even breed with a normal human. This is the most common cause of the birth of a Hybrid, which are rare in all cases of species in the human realm.

A Hybrid has the choice between their Human and Demonic Heritage that allow them both Demonic Abilities and a clear chance for salvation. Hybrids normally have even more potential in ability then normal Demons and are more liable to become angels then normal Humans.


Hybrids are rare species that are born from the mating of both a Human and a Demon who has overcome their own demonic lifestyle. They are born with above average positive kharma because to be born, the demon father would have to have already overcome their demonic lifestyle. Even so Hybrids maintain demon abilities and human morality and although their kharma is great they still have the potential to embrace their demonic heritage.


Although they are only half Demon, Hybrids are naturally more powerful then most demons and are able to create and wield Devil Arm's with ease. They are also able to choose classes including all that Human's are able to aspire too, able to wield weapons and magic alike.

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