Accessory is a classification of equipment in DmC. They are supplementary items separate from normal Armor that can provide a wide range of effects, from stat boosts, to providing the user with status buffs, or some other beneficial effect.


Accessories areequipment that Humans use to boost their abilities in order to further combat Demons. They improve Humans physical and mystical abilities, they also have the ability to boost or augment the power of a persons Limit. Depending on a person's level and class, certain Accessories can only be equipted.


There are several types of acessories that boost secondary stats, including;

  • Bracelets (HP)
  • Anklet (SPD)
  • Ring (INT)

There are also acessory types that help to increase a character's resistance.

  • Necklace (MYS Resist)
  • Earring (PHY Resist)

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